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Our story starts with a toddler who fell in love with dance very literally at her first dance show. More specifically, during interval, this toddler fell into the toilet bowl through sheer panic that she would miss the second half. The toddler knew one thing for sure – she wanted dance in her life, always.

More than thirty years later, Almiria (not a toddler anymore!) founded Dancespiration Designs. Wherever you are in your life, at Dancespiration Designs we believe that your passion for dance is important. Through dance, we can celebrate ourselves, nurture each other, and change the world for the better. Dancespiration Designs’ apparel is designed to help you express your passion for dance with original designs, comfy fabrics, and environmentally aware choices. Our clothing and gifts are priced to ensure that we can afford to make planet-friendly and sweat-free choices, and can provide fair compensation to the designers who help create our unique products.
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